The city of knights who served the Saviour and Creator – Tomar

Let’s plunge into the era of fearless and devoted to the Almighty knights in Tomar – a city founded by Knights of the Temple who continued their work after the tragic conspiracy against Christ. The unusual Sharola church and conference rooms of these menacing, but at the same time devout Christ’s servants will forever be printed on your memory. St. Blessed Virgin Olivar church and the whole city won’t let you go, but, however, won’t open you Order’s secret. We’ll look for an answer in the TezuRiver, a one more shelter for the dauntless, go down the dungeon to unravel the mysteries of nature inthe cages with stalactites and stalagmites.


  • Start the tour in your Hotel
  • Mercedes-Benz Classe E, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Water for each passenger in travel
  • Individual devices “radio guide”, a group of 5 person
  • Wi-Fi

Not included

  • Tickets to museums and monuments
  • Alimentation

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8 hours

up to 8 peoples

1-3 people

€ 260

for car

4-8 peoples

€ 300

for car