Mafra, Eriseira and Atlantic coast

Palace-priory in Marfa was initially created as a shelter for Franciscans only for 33 people, but, having got Brazil’s gold, the ambitious king of Portugal raised this project on a grandiose scale so that the palace became a symbol of Portuguese Empire’s luxury right until Napoleon’s invasion. Being built in the beginning of the XVIII century as a sacrifice for the successor’s birth, the priory was a place for conducting an inauguration combined with Don Juan V’s birthday. The building has enclosed in its halls a royal palace, a unique library, a priory and a marble basilica with 6 organs, music scores for which famous contemporary composers wrote. Such a grand project has encouraged manycraftsmen so that they’re still working with marble and granite in the outskirts of Marfa. How can we pass without dropping by the museum of talented Jose Franco who left after him unparalleled works of clay, and without trying a roasted sausage in a bun washing it down with home-made wine? Next follows a fascinating Atlantic coast and a wonderful fishermen’s village Eriseira.


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