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Dear colleagues on tourist business

Among the diversity of the requests for tourism services, we offer several possible kinds of cooperation and provision servicesas for the clients who choose independent way of exploring the country as for the fastidious tourists who want to see all sights and monuments of Portugal separately.

If a client books only a flight in our company and he is going to travel around Portugal on his own, we can minister his choice of a hotel and its booking, pick up and acquaint with the main issues of tourist attractions, give a hintin the local transport system, on request offer a package of group or individual excursion route at option and also an opportunity to create their own itinerary as they desire.

In case if a client chooses an individual kind of services, we provide them a full range of private services and a quality team of responsible and experienced professionals.
Elaborating excursion routes, our company draws on customer wishes and interests and as well takes them into account for enhancing its services, as a guide is the eyes the tourist sees the country with…

The specific character of resting in Portugal is popular guided tours all over the country all year round, even in winter. You can variegate your summer tours with a vacation on the beach.

We offer the following kinds of cooperation:

  • – Transport services, transfers
  • – Hotel booking, picking up at the airport, accompanying
  • – Organizing and conducting group guided tours and individual excursions

The sevices provided by „INSIDER-TIME”company:

  1. Guiding regular tours by Electric cars TUK TUK LIMO
  2. Picking up at airports of Lisbon, Porto, Faru and Funchal
  3. Booking, ministering hotel settlement according to the chosen by the client category
  4. Providing personal services:
    – private transfers in any direction across the country;
    – elaborating and conducting individual tours on order over the whole Portugal and Madeira island;
    – organizing and conducting culinary, wine and shopping tours;
    – ministering in holding corporative meetings, thematic conferences and professional symposia;
    – organizing and ministering realization of video recording in any format;
    – services of guides and translators
  5. Conducting group excursions
  6. Excursion package for 1 to 8 days including living in hotels of 2/3 or 4 and 5 star categories: excursion program since the move-in day, transfer services (picking up at the airport and assistance with check-in, acquaint with the map of the city etc.), providing with the transport for the excursion tour.
  7. Combined tours at choice with the ability to combine excursion tourism and rest at the southern coast of the country, Riviera of Lisbon, island archipelagos of Madeira and Azors